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First blog post

Hi, lovelies!

My name is Mariah Eyitayo and I’m so glad you’re here. I started writing from my undergraduate years in the university. I have since written lots of poetry, articles and the likes. I started this blog because I have a passion for writing, and like the saying goes, what’s the use of a good meal when no one is eating it? I have set up this platform basically to connect with you.
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Featured post

The Beauty of Nature

Have you been to the beach lately? I have, and the sight of the sea is just awesome. The rolling of waves upon waves is just breathtaking. I studied it and a lot of questions filled my mind.

How does the sea know where it’s bank is? How does it know it can only go so far? What makes it to just keep rolling and roaring and every other sound it makes? Why the sea is so huge and wide? Why it harbours different kinds of creatures, even the ones mankind may never see?

It’s just nature’s beauty and it’s bid to spice up the life of man, and God is telling us that abundance rests with Him, and we can plug into it. We can declare that the abundance of the sea is converted to us, and it is so.

Nature is just awesome!

New Book Alert!


Here’s a book that I stayed very late reading. It’s titled Beyond Now by Maggie Smart from Nigeria.

It’s due to come out in December, so don’t say you weren’t told. People of all ages find it really captivating.

You don’t wanna miss out. Grab a copy for yourself and while you’re at it, grab at least two for your friends, when it’s out.

Contact me via this platform if you’re outside Nigeria, or send an email to

Happy reading!

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Musings Of A Sad Soul

This is just what I wanna do

Open and mouth and sing

Sing with all of my might

And push out all the pain


Let the tears flow freely

Let the hurt and the shame Continue reading “Musings Of A Sad Soul”

When Does Talent Become Gift?

Everyone is born into this world with something to offer it. It is usually called talent at the initial stage. This ‘talent’ stage is when the bearer displays his talent for his enjoyment only; Continue reading “When Does Talent Become Gift?”

Love Me

Love me with the look in your eyes

Love me with the fierceness of your heart

Love me like the air you breathe Continue reading “Love Me”

The Dreamer

I have always dreamt
To go higher and farther
To do things people only imagine
To be a person of influence

I have always dreamt
To find me in places
Where most people with graces
Gather and commune without grimaces

I have always dreamt
To live above the norm
To be that difference
Bearing the torch that lights the way

I still dream
That all these dreams
Causing my lack of sleep
Will some day all be fulfilled


The Morning

The dawn makes its way

Through the dark sky

As the light

Breaks forth on the horizon


Birds sing and fly across the sky

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A Part Of You

See me as you are
Like I came forth from you
Treat me like you would
Treat and care for you
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Road To Success

He steps out in hope
On a journey that defies hope
He lifts up his eyes to view the pathway
It seems so long and wearisome

Despite the doubts in his heart
He falls into step on the path
Determined to get on it
However discouraging it seems

Halfway down the road
He looks up to survey the rest
The hope in him falters a little
As there was no end in sight

He trudges on in resolution
For he had been told
That quitters never reach the end
Of the road to success



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