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One Perfect Man

I have liked a lot of guys in my lifetime

At different stages in my life have I liked them

But none could capture my heart

The way it so desires



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Wholesome Content

As writers, we have been encouraged to live our passion. We have been told to always write in order to be better. We have also been told to make consistency our watchword. While all these are great, let’s not forget that what’s important is not writing in itself but what we write about.

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The Tale Of Bricks

The people lifted up the eyes
To the heavens and cried,
“Save us, oh Lord!
Our lives are about to be snuffed
out of us
The burden is too hard to bear
We will surely die under this burden
Save us!”

The Lord heard their cry
He sent a deliverer to the taskmaster
“Release them”, said he
“For they go to sacrifice to their God
Far into the wilderness, will they go
For three days, will they journey”

The taskmaster answered,
“You will go nowhere
You have so much work to do
Who will do them when you leave?
I can see you have not enough work to do
More work will be added to you
You will fetch straws to make bricks for yourselves
It will not be given to you anymore
But you must make bricks
As though you were provided with straws
You shall deliver the tale of bricks allotted to you”

So they scattered abroad
In search of straw
To make the tale of bricks
Which was allotted to them
And the burden which had been upon them
Was made heavier





Writers Like Cooks

Writing is just cooking. Writers and cooks are alike in more ways than one.

The cooks starts cooking by picking out the right ingredients that makes for a great meal. The writer starts writing by picking out words that will carefully convey what he has inn mind to his readers.

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Musings Of A Finch

I fly from my nest

Where I have taken a rest

And perch upon a rooftop

To view the world from there on

I look round about me

Feasting my eyes on great views

I see a lady pass by

Walking smartly to her destination

She turns suddenly in my direction

And looks at me quizzically Continue reading “Musings Of A Finch”

Work With A Team

If you want to be a successful writer, do not work alone. Working alone means you will have to figure things out for yourself. It may take you 2 years to figure out what you should in 6 months, if you don’t work with a team. Do not work alone; there’s no reason to.
There are writers and thought leaders who have been where you are now. They have already figured out your next step, and are available to help you if you will reach out to them.

Starting out on your own may be exciting at the initial stage, but there will come a time when you will need a shoulder to lean on. Starting out and trying to succeed without the help of successful writers Continue reading “Work With A Team”

Read To Learn

In recent times, I discovered that it is possible to read a book or an article, and not learn anything. Most times, people say, for a person to be a good writer, he has to be an avid reader. So, some writers, armed with this info, will just go about reading books, and boasting to themselves and others that they were able to read four books in the previous month. But when they are asked questions on the books they have read, Continue reading “Read To Learn”



The year seems to be crawling now, moving so slowly; after all this time, we are still in January. It won’t remain this way for long. Once Jan. 31 gets here, the year will start to run. The year will move so fast, you will literally feel it running. This tells us that time waits for no man.

If you have goals you have set for the year already, you will do well to get to to work right away. Time is money, time wasted can not be accounted for. If you have not set your goals yet, what are you waiting for? You do not want to go through this year 2017 without achieving anything, trust me.

However, it is not enough to set goals. Work towards achieving them. Map out action plans, set a time frame to each goal. This will help you to be focused and time conscious. A goal without a plan of action is wishful thinking. Further more, identify the risk involved in not achieving your goal, and make sure it does not happen.

The year is running to an end, let your goals and plans, and their fulfilment run with it.

Mastering Your Art

I love art and everything that goes with it: singing, dancing, writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, photography and so much more. I think that being an artist in at least one of these fields is probably the best thing anyone can do.

Art brings out the creativity in a person. An artist is required of his art to be creative. A creative mind is one with the intent to make the world stand at attention for the Continue reading “Mastering Your Art”

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