As writers, we have been encouraged to live our passion. We have been told to always write in order to be better. We have also been told to make consistency our watchword. While all these are great, let’s not forget that what’s important is not writing in itself but what we write about.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What’s the motive behind my writing?” or “Why do I really want to write?” The answers to these questions will determine what your content will be. I say this because there are writings out there whose contents are injurious to humanity.

Our writings should have contents that seek to improve lives, make them better and bless them. No matter your niche, aim at developing wholesome content. Your writings should not leave people worse than when they encountered you.

Emeka Nobis, a thought leader, and a platform growth specialist, once said that a time will come when writers will be begged to become brand ambassadors in place of the stars we know now. I believe that when that time comes, writers with wholesome contents will be the chosen ones because they would have touched the world in some way with their writings.

We can only make the world a better place with contents that improve – wholesome contents.