I have liked a lot of guys in my lifetime

At different stages in my life have I liked them

But none could capture my heart

The way it so desires



He was my first love

He was caring and charming

Even to a fault

But he could not make a decision and stand by it



He was as bold as a lion

He was fearless

Could take on any challenge

But he lacked the gentleness

With which to treat a woman



He was playful and fun

He was the life of the party

Could make any woman swoon

But he didn’t take things seriously

Never knew when to stop joking



He was as calm as a dove

Ever so thoughtful

Deeply respectful

But when he gets angry

Hell hath no fury


I loved them all indeed

But they seemed to lack something

But when I think of their great sides

And put them together

They make one perfect man