It is fitting that men be called grooms and husbands. If only a lot of them knew what it actually means to be a groom and a husband.

The word ‘husband’ has to do with husbandry and farming. The bible mentions that we are God’s husbandry and building. This means that God is the husbandman and He prunes us, cares for us, makes sure we produce good fruit. The word ‘husband’ also means, a large cushion with arms to support a person in the sitting position. From the English dictionary, one of the meanings of groom is to care for horses and other animals. It also means to attend to a person’s appearance. So we can see that there is a connection between both names.

Men must know that one of their callings in life apart from being a doctor, a preacher, or that executive director, is to be a groom and a husband if they choose to marry. And they must see that they excel at it, as well as they do others. They should know that they are meant to care for their family, groom it, build it up, make it a model for others to follow. They are the head and these are their responsibilities. They should be their  wife’s biggest fan and support her dreams, not squelch and kill every single one, as the manner of some is.

Calling the man the groom and husband is not an accident, it is purpose by design. It’s high time for men all over the world to rise up and live up to their names as grooms and husbands.

Be the groom and the husbandman of your family in deed and not in name only. It is one of the ways to ensure we have healthy families all around the world.